A mile stone

A mile stone

On April 4th this year, I got an email that I was too nervous to open. It was an email from the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) informing all the applicants whether they got into the show. From the day I decided to apply, I have heard how competitive it was to get in, especially this year with over 1000 artists applying. Given that I am at the beginning stage of being an artist, I was not confident that I would get in. I sent in my applications carefully following the instructions (following instructions is really not my strength...). And hoped for the best! 


But open the email I must. And vòila! I was selected!!!! Elation. Incredulousness. I Screamed (quietly - because my husband was working in the other room, ha!) 



TOAF is one of the most well-regarded arts shows. It is also non-profit, with the sole purpose of supporting artists. The artist selection process is also unique and democratic—any artist can apply. You don't have to have gone to an art school, received any awards/accolades, or have specific years of experience. They believe anyone can express their art by whatever means they choose, which resonates so much with me. They also have a new roster of juries who selected the artists to ensure different perspectives are represented. 


Besides putting on the much-celebrated yearly show in July and the online gallery, TOAF offers many professional training courses that help artists succeed—from gallery representation strategy to building an online presence to financial planning, etc. It really is a very well-thought-out, all-encompassing organization. I am super impressed and I am so grateful to be part of it this year!


So if you are in Toronto, please come visit and say hi!


July 12 - 14

Nathan Philip Square

100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N1

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