Hi! I am Kit

about me

I was born in Beijing and have been lucky enough to live in Hong Kong, Toronto, London, and New York City. I have travelled to many places and most continents through years of working in the fashion industry. The mixture of cultures, visuals and cultures has influenced me deeply, from the beautiful to the ridiculous, from the glaring to the subtle, from the East to the West. I have always had a strong need to create something in the arts.

Finally, in 2023, I left my fashion corporate life for good and pursued arts full time.

Arts are meant to evoke emotions; some are to challenge, and others to instill calmness. I want to create something to bring a sense of happiness. I fuse freeform expression with embraced constraints, reimagining everyday scenes by juxtaposing vibrant prints with mundane objects, from architecture to canned fish. I want to bring unexpectedness, discoveries, and joy, encouraging a fresh perspective on our surroundings in a transformative way where ordinary moments become a bit more extraordinary.